Foresight® Carrier Screen detects a couple’s risk of passing down serious, inheritable health conditions to their child. It is a guide to informed planning and preparation.

Why Screen with Foresight?

• Foresight screens for diseases that matter most. Foresights carefully selected universal panel of 176 genes prioritizes clinical significance. These genes were selected based on associated condition severity, condition prevalence, clinical actionability of results, and detection sensitivity.

• Foresight detects at-risk couples with unmatched technology. Foresight offers the highest published at-risk couple detection rate for serious inherited conditions (1 in 22 couples). You can trust both positive and negative screening results – the detection rate for the vast majority of genes on our panel is over 99% across ethnicities.

• Foresight is a tested and proven partner. Foresight is the only validated carrier screening panel in the US, backed by 20+ peer-reviewed publications and >900,000 patients screened.

(Depending on your insurance, additional fees may apply after your blood sample is collected)Foresight


Designed for everyone regardless of ancestry and BMI. Prequel® Prenatal Screen can determine if a pregnancy is at an increased risk for a wide variety of chromosomal conditions as early as 10 weeks including some of the most common ones Down Syndrome, Edwards Syndrome and Patau Syndrome as well as predicting the sex of your baby for singleton or twin pregnancies.

Why Screen with Prequal?

• Learn the sex of your baby with a >99% accuracy

• Prequel provides results to >99.9% of patients. Our advanced science and technology works for any expectant parent regardless of age, ancestry, or BMI, including those with twin and IVF pregnancies.

• By delivering the lowest screening failure rate in the industry, Prequel lowers the chance of needing a repeat test or an unnecessary invasive diagnostic procedure.

• Prequel results deliver clarity of a patient’s true risk with individualized positive-predictive-values (PPV) and residual-risk estimates to help inform next steps. All results include on-demand access to our board-certified genetic counselors to ensure prenatal screening results are understood.

(Ultrasound included. Depending on your insurance, additional fees may apply after your blood sample has been collected. )

Prequal + Foresight

Screen for both tests at once. An ultrasound is uncluded.

(Depending on your insurance, additional fees may apply after blood sample has been collected)