Wellness Check

Same Day Appointments!

Pregnancy Confirmation ( If requested )

Listen and measure your baby’s heartbeat

Confirm your estimated due date

6 black and white photos printed

All digital images and short video clips emailed to the expecting mother

Gender not included




sneak Peek Snap
Starting at $129.00

Confirm the gender of your baby at 6 weeks!

STARTING AT $129.00 for 2 Day Results / $149.00 for Next Day Results

• Starting at 6 weeks into pregnancy

• 99.9% accurate DNA-based blood test

• Snap Test or Venipuncture Test

• Ultrasound to confirm baby’s heartbeat at $59.99 (required)

• 3 black & white printed photos

• Results emailed straight to you or a party planner in 2 days or the Next Day!